Friday, April 10, 2009

Tracking Debt Leads without the Internet

Can you possibly track debt leads without the use of the Internet? Of course, you can. In fact, it is not going to be very difficult at all. You can start with the following:

1. Use whatever technologies that are available to you as of the moment. If you cannot use the World Wide Web for some reason, you can always check which other technologies are available to you. You can begin with the telephone. Even with the onset of the Internet, there are still thousands or even millions of people who are using their phone to communicate. There are already bundles that are affordable. A person can get a phone and Internet line for a very small price. 

You can then utilize the phone to make a call to your prospects. If you have obtained all the information you need from your prospects, then you definitely possess their home and office phone numbers. Just make sure that you have also determined the most ideal time to call them. When you phone them during their own unholy hours, there is a chance that you would be getting a no right away from them. Worse, they would never entertain you again. 

2. Send them a direct mail. Though almost all Internet users have at least one active e-mail address, there are still thousands who are interested in direct mail marketing campaign. On a study conducted in 2004 by DMIS, it has been found that the average response rate of B2C and B2B is 11.6 percent. This means that there are still a lot out there who would send a reply to your offer through their mailbox. 

The only problem with this one is that it is going to be costly. You do not only have to pay for the marketing materials but also for the postage. It also becomes more expensive when they do not arrive to your prospects’ doorsteps for a number of reasons like when they have already moved out. 

Thus, it is very important that you get the right information from your prospects. You can start by posting a condition that says all data in the registration form are all accurate. You may also want to call them first before you send out the marketing materials. It is a lot cheaper, and you can verify if they have changed their address. You may also have to determine what address they would like to receive their materials. There are actually a number of people who want to accept their marketing materials in their office or their parents’ or friends’ homes. 

3. Prepare the registration forms. You need forms, even if you are still going to place the information in an electronic database later on. You still need to compile these papers just in case you do not have access to the Internet, but you need to track your debt settlement leads immediately. You can also use them when you want to confirm the data that are found in your database. 

You can download a registration template from the World Wide Web, but make sure that you can customize it to ensure that you are going to obtain the information that you need for tracking. These include your prospect’s full name, telephone number for both his or her home and office, mobile phone number, and office and home address.

You can give away the forms to those who are going to join the trade show or fair, as well as for those who are going to answer your survey or questionnaire form. 

Though the World Wide Web makes it a lot easier for you to track your debt relief leads, there are still a number of ways on how you can do that without it.

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