Friday, March 27, 2009

How Online Debt Leads Can Increase the Sales of Your Business

You may have heard that direct mail marketing is one of the best methods to get some prospects for your business. If you are into debt settlement, you can send them a flyer or a brochure that talks about the benefits of debt consolidation or pieces of advice on debt management. 

However, you should not completely reject online debt lead generation. There are plenty of benefits that you can get out of it. One of these is the fact that you can actually boost your sales and return to your investment:

1. You can generate online debt leads without spending anything. Well, you can spend for your Internet connection and electricity, among other things. Other than that, you can opt not to give another penny for your online marketing campaign. There are already several ways on how you can do that. 

You can submit articles and press releases to the right centers, set up a blog, join social networking and bookmarking websites, and participate in forums. You can also create an e-book with all the details about your business and give them for free to your prospects. 

2. Internet leads are cheaper. If there are free methods, there are also paid ones. However, they are not really that expensive as you think. For example, depending on the keywords that you are going to use, you are only going to spend small cents on your pay per click (PPC). You will also pay only when there is someone who clicks on your ad. Moreover, because of a high targeted traffic in PPC, you can already recover a huge portion of your expense even by just one purchase of a prospect. It is also not so costly at all to develop your own opt-in page. 

An opt-in page or a mailing list is an area where you can talk about the features and benefits of your product and service. If your visitors are interested in your offer, this page will allow them to sign up for updates about your products, special offers and many other things you want them to know. They can fill out a short form with their e-mail addresses and full names. The pieces of information will then be added into your database of Internet debt leads. 

3. You can already cut back on your other communication devices. The World Wide Web can already simulate the functions of your telephone and even your fax machine. There are already some websites that allow you to place free calls. Skype, Gtalk, and Yahoo (to name a few) can do that. 

If the person you are trying to call is part of your Contact list, you can call him or her for free. You can also place long-distance calls for rates that are much lower than those offered by local telephone or mobile companies. There are also several websites that permit you to send a fax message without the use of your telephone. 

4. It is easy for you to build relationships with your prospects. With the help of auto responders, mailing lists, and lead management programs, you can conveniently track and, most of all, nurture your Internet debt leads. You will not only get to enjoy better profits; you can make looking for additional customers for your business easier. As said by most marketing papers, it takes a much lesser effort to sell your new product to existing customers than to new ones. 

You can buy your online debt leads, or you can generate them on your own using the methods suggested above. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that you can further increase your profits if the leads match your idea of a niche market. Otherwise, no amount of marketing will ever work with the wrong crowd.

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