Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Communicate with Your Debt Leads through a Phone Call

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There are different ways on how you can communicate with your leads. You can send them an e-mail or a fax or give them a call. Between the two, you will likely get immediate results with a phone call. That’s why when it comes to tracking and even marketing, sales agents are encouraged to dial the customers’ mobile or home phone number once they get the leads.

But it’s never going to be easy. First, rejection is a lot harsher through a cold call. Leads would definitely not mind about banging the phone or hanging it up. Others will often hurl invectives against sales agents. Second, since potential clients and sales agents are not face to face, it will be very difficult for the former to determine the sincerity of the latter. Doubt is at an all-time high through the cold call method.

However, if you can just come up with a good call script, you will definitely increase your chances of not only being heard, but also of closing a sale. Most companies have a sales script in place. This guides their sales agents on what to say, so they don’t end up stammering or giving out wrongful or misleading information to their leads. Yet, just in case you don’t have one, you can follow the guidelines below:

1. Mention your name and your company clearly. One of the reasons why leads may be scared in talking longer on the phone with a sales agent is because they aren’t really sure of the person they are dealing with. Once someone picks up the phone, make it a habit to introduce yourself properly. You can simply mention your first name as it’s very easy to remember. Most of all, add the company that you’re working for. It becomes a lot easier for them to understand the reason for your call.

2. Tell them where you got their name. You can’t expect all your leads to be keeping tabs of products that interest them. A lot of them may be easy with other things within the span of 48 hours that they will definitely forget signing a registration form or an opt-in list. Telling them where you obtained their information will somehow ease their doubts against your company or even against you. They will also be more positive and open in their approach all throughout the conversation.

3. Let them know that that working with you can be a good decision. Once you get a positive response from your leads, inform them immediately of why it’s a good idea to deal with them. You may have a new debt management product to offer. You can also talk about how you have higher success rates than your competitors and that you are the best persons to manage their finances.

4. Listen to their response. Once you have already made your sales pitch or tried to set up an appointment with them, the ball is then given to your leads. Normally, he has three decisions to choose from. He can say yes immediately, reconsider other options, or completely say no to what you’re offering. Not all of them can be very vocal of saying yes or no, so you should be very attentive. Your next actions will be dependent on how they respond to your proposition.

5. Respond accordingly. If your leads say yes, then set up the most opportune date for an appointment or your next call. If he asks for more time, give him what he wants but make sure that you can determine the most ideal time to contact him again. If he says no, inform him that you clearly understand his sentiments but would still like to keep his name at a database for future product offers.

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