Friday, April 10, 2009

Tracking Debt Leads without the Internet

Can you possibly track debt leads without the use of the Internet? Of course, you can. In fact, it is not going to be very difficult at all. You can start with the following:

1. Use whatever technologies that are available to you as of the moment. If you cannot use the World Wide Web for some reason, you can always check which other technologies are available to you. You can begin with the telephone. Even with the onset of the Internet, there are still thousands or even millions of people who are using their phone to communicate. There are already bundles that are affordable. A person can get a phone and Internet line for a very small price. 

You can then utilize the phone to make a call to your prospects. If you have obtained all the information you need from your prospects, then you definitely possess their home and office phone numbers. Just make sure that you have also determined the most ideal time to call them. When you phone them during their own unholy hours, there is a chance that you would be getting a no right away from them. Worse, they would never entertain you again. 

2. Send them a direct mail. Though almost all Internet users have at least one active e-mail address, there are still thousands who are interested in direct mail marketing campaign. On a study conducted in 2004 by DMIS, it has been found that the average response rate of B2C and B2B is 11.6 percent. This means that there are still a lot out there who would send a reply to your offer through their mailbox. 

The only problem with this one is that it is going to be costly. You do not only have to pay for the marketing materials but also for the postage. It also becomes more expensive when they do not arrive to your prospects’ doorsteps for a number of reasons like when they have already moved out. 

Thus, it is very important that you get the right information from your prospects. You can start by posting a condition that says all data in the registration form are all accurate. You may also want to call them first before you send out the marketing materials. It is a lot cheaper, and you can verify if they have changed their address. You may also have to determine what address they would like to receive their materials. There are actually a number of people who want to accept their marketing materials in their office or their parents’ or friends’ homes. 

3. Prepare the registration forms. You need forms, even if you are still going to place the information in an electronic database later on. You still need to compile these papers just in case you do not have access to the Internet, but you need to track your debt settlement leads immediately. You can also use them when you want to confirm the data that are found in your database. 

You can download a registration template from the World Wide Web, but make sure that you can customize it to ensure that you are going to obtain the information that you need for tracking. These include your prospect’s full name, telephone number for both his or her home and office, mobile phone number, and office and home address.

You can give away the forms to those who are going to join the trade show or fair, as well as for those who are going to answer your survey or questionnaire form. 

Though the World Wide Web makes it a lot easier for you to track your debt relief leads, there are still a number of ways on how you can do that without it.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

How Online Debt Leads Can Increase the Sales of Your Business

You may have heard that direct mail marketing is one of the best methods to get some prospects for your business. If you are into debt settlement, you can send them a flyer or a brochure that talks about the benefits of debt consolidation or pieces of advice on debt management. 

However, you should not completely reject online debt lead generation. There are plenty of benefits that you can get out of it. One of these is the fact that you can actually boost your sales and return to your investment:

1. You can generate online debt leads without spending anything. Well, you can spend for your Internet connection and electricity, among other things. Other than that, you can opt not to give another penny for your online marketing campaign. There are already several ways on how you can do that. 

You can submit articles and press releases to the right centers, set up a blog, join social networking and bookmarking websites, and participate in forums. You can also create an e-book with all the details about your business and give them for free to your prospects. 

2. Internet leads are cheaper. If there are free methods, there are also paid ones. However, they are not really that expensive as you think. For example, depending on the keywords that you are going to use, you are only going to spend small cents on your pay per click (PPC). You will also pay only when there is someone who clicks on your ad. Moreover, because of a high targeted traffic in PPC, you can already recover a huge portion of your expense even by just one purchase of a prospect. It is also not so costly at all to develop your own opt-in page. 

An opt-in page or a mailing list is an area where you can talk about the features and benefits of your product and service. If your visitors are interested in your offer, this page will allow them to sign up for updates about your products, special offers and many other things you want them to know. They can fill out a short form with their e-mail addresses and full names. The pieces of information will then be added into your database of Internet debt leads. 

3. You can already cut back on your other communication devices. The World Wide Web can already simulate the functions of your telephone and even your fax machine. There are already some websites that allow you to place free calls. Skype, Gtalk, and Yahoo (to name a few) can do that. 

If the person you are trying to call is part of your Contact list, you can call him or her for free. You can also place long-distance calls for rates that are much lower than those offered by local telephone or mobile companies. There are also several websites that permit you to send a fax message without the use of your telephone. 

4. It is easy for you to build relationships with your prospects. With the help of auto responders, mailing lists, and lead management programs, you can conveniently track and, most of all, nurture your Internet debt leads. You will not only get to enjoy better profits; you can make looking for additional customers for your business easier. As said by most marketing papers, it takes a much lesser effort to sell your new product to existing customers than to new ones. 

You can buy your online debt leads, or you can generate them on your own using the methods suggested above. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that you can further increase your profits if the leads match your idea of a niche market. Otherwise, no amount of marketing will ever work with the wrong crowd.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Debt Consolidation Leads

Debt consolidation is a very attractive business. That’s because there are more people who are in debt than those who are not in the country. Debt consolidation is a service that will greatly benefit them. A debt consolidation company merges all the existing debts of a person into one account. Along the way, it negotiates for lesser interest rates and monthly payments for the debtor. This is to lessen the difficulties he experiences in paying off his obligations to his creditors. 

As a result, you could say that you have a sizable market among the many debtors in the country. And what better way can you do that? You utilize the power of the Internet to generate the necessary leads that you can try and convert into customers. Being a widely used technology, the World Wide Web is also frequented by debtors who are up to their necks in financial obligations. All you need to do is set up a website and start your efforts to reach out these poor souls awaiting your rescue. 

However, one of the most ignored aspects of using the Internet is that most people fail to consider search engine optimization. They think that just because they have a website, they can then be found by people who need the information on their website. This is totally erroneous. 

There Are More than a Thousand Websites on Your Niche

Yup, that’s true. One niche market can have more than a thousand websites in the Internet. Because of that, your website could be buried among them with no luck at all of being noticed by the search engines. However, it does not mean that you do not have the chance of being seen. You do, but it’s all up to you to find ways to maximize it. Your leads will not just come to you in the same way that you cannot call on a mountain to come to you. Through optimizing your website for search engine queries, you can increase your chances not only of being in the search engine results pages but also on top of it. 

Rudiments of Search Engine Optimization

To optimize your website, there are two things that you must consider. One of them is building links. 

Search engines, especially Google, consider the number of links that point back to you as a factor in calculating your ranking in the search engine results page. Put it this way: every site that points to you is a vote for your website. However, each vote carries a weight, depending on the quality or page rank of the site pointing to you. 

The engine doesn’t care how you do it, as long as you don’t resort to black hat techniques like link farming or building a series of sites that all point back to your website. One way to do that is to publish articles with a link that redirects to your website. You can also choose to submit your website to directories, as these directories already have high page rank, and their “vote” for your website will surely be a plus to your ranking. 

Another factor that the search engines consider is the keyword density found on your website. The keyword or theme density is considered by the engine as a gauge of your relevance to your niche market. Through semantic indexing, the engine can correlate the keywords you use or the topic you specify in your website with the overall niche you are basing your site on. The greater the relationship between your website and your niche, the higher your rank will be in the search engine results pages. 

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Learning the Real Thing about Mortgage Internet Leads

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When the Internet was first introduced, everything was poised to change. It became the great equalizer and the great bridge; no longer are there barriers like distances and even languages when it comes to the Internet. As a result of this, businesses are now porting their trade over to the Internet, in the hopes of gaining more and more customers all over the world.

Mortgage providers are not an exception. Mortgage lenders are now modifying their marketing strategies to accommodate the influx of Internet-based leads. These leads are simply people who are searching for good mortgage loan deals by using the Internet tools that are available to them.

Mortgage internet leads are theoretically superior to other kinds of leads. This is because they have the necessary interest to make it easy to close a deal. Moreover, they are easy to contact. Lead contact information is readily available to people offering newsletters on these leads’ subjects of interest.

However, theory is not always similar to practice. There are a lot of reasons why most marketers, especially lenders, fail to close a deal or turn leads into customers, or why Internet leads should not be relied upon. In fact, a lot of money has been spent on Internet lead generation and acquisition by many online-based lenders, but so little returns have been made. Internet leads, though promising, have their own set of disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Internet Leads

Here are just some of the disadvantages in using Internet leads for your business:

Not all leads are qualified to get a loan. One disadvantage on using Internet leads is that not all leads are qualified to be extended a loan. There are some rotten apples mixed with the fresh ones, so they say. Out of a certain number of people who searched for Internet loans, some of them are people who are looking for loans that are extended to people with bad credit. These are good if you are offering loans for people that have very low credit score. If you don’t, these unqualified leads are simply a waste of your time and money.

Internet leads can be recycled. There are some companies that sell so-called qualified leads. Although they are interested, you have no idea of finding out if these leads that you have bought are not “recycled.” When a lead is recycled, it means that such a lead has been contacted already by the person who sold them to you. It is akin to being introduced to a girl and courting her without knowing that that girl is already committed.

There are people playing pranks on the Internet. We all know that there are a lot of people who frequent the Internet. These people may have stumbled across one site offering a freebie in exchange for signing to up a loan newsletter, which, in theory, makes them qualified leads. However, this doesn’t make them interested in getting a loan; they may just be interested in information regarding loans or they’re just signing up for the heck of it.

The proliferation of paid-to-sign-up programs in the Internet is also a factor and adds risks in using Internet leads. Members of these sites just sign up discriminately to earn money and may not actually be interested in the program.

The Best Advice about Internet Leads

The truth is that one should exercise care when using Internet leads since these leads are niche markets on their own. As mentioned, some companies and even loan officers like you make a living out of selling out leads. You shouldn’t invest too much money on Internet, but in case you do, make sure to find out how the leads are obtained. Leads who come from paid-to-sign-up programs or from sites that offer something in return for signing up are generally unreliable.

In fact, it is best to generate your own leads. You can avail of pay-per-click marketing that most search engines offer and through forums and social networking websites.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Communicate with Your Debt Leads through a Phone Call

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There are different ways on how you can communicate with your leads. You can send them an e-mail or a fax or give them a call. Between the two, you will likely get immediate results with a phone call. That’s why when it comes to tracking and even marketing, sales agents are encouraged to dial the customers’ mobile or home phone number once they get the leads.

But it’s never going to be easy. First, rejection is a lot harsher through a cold call. Leads would definitely not mind about banging the phone or hanging it up. Others will often hurl invectives against sales agents. Second, since potential clients and sales agents are not face to face, it will be very difficult for the former to determine the sincerity of the latter. Doubt is at an all-time high through the cold call method.

However, if you can just come up with a good call script, you will definitely increase your chances of not only being heard, but also of closing a sale. Most companies have a sales script in place. This guides their sales agents on what to say, so they don’t end up stammering or giving out wrongful or misleading information to their leads. Yet, just in case you don’t have one, you can follow the guidelines below:

1. Mention your name and your company clearly. One of the reasons why leads may be scared in talking longer on the phone with a sales agent is because they aren’t really sure of the person they are dealing with. Once someone picks up the phone, make it a habit to introduce yourself properly. You can simply mention your first name as it’s very easy to remember. Most of all, add the company that you’re working for. It becomes a lot easier for them to understand the reason for your call.

2. Tell them where you got their name. You can’t expect all your leads to be keeping tabs of products that interest them. A lot of them may be easy with other things within the span of 48 hours that they will definitely forget signing a registration form or an opt-in list. Telling them where you obtained their information will somehow ease their doubts against your company or even against you. They will also be more positive and open in their approach all throughout the conversation.

3. Let them know that that working with you can be a good decision. Once you get a positive response from your leads, inform them immediately of why it’s a good idea to deal with them. You may have a new debt management product to offer. You can also talk about how you have higher success rates than your competitors and that you are the best persons to manage their finances.

4. Listen to their response. Once you have already made your sales pitch or tried to set up an appointment with them, the ball is then given to your leads. Normally, he has three decisions to choose from. He can say yes immediately, reconsider other options, or completely say no to what you’re offering. Not all of them can be very vocal of saying yes or no, so you should be very attentive. Your next actions will be dependent on how they respond to your proposition.

5. Respond accordingly. If your leads say yes, then set up the most opportune date for an appointment or your next call. If he asks for more time, give him what he wants but make sure that you can determine the most ideal time to contact him again. If he says no, inform him that you clearly understand his sentiments but would still like to keep his name at a database for future product offers.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Good Ways of Generating Debt Leads

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It’s impossible for any type of business to survive without any customer. However, before you can even go to that, you should know how to derive leads. It’s definitely the same thing when you’re talking about debt companies, or those offering loans to customers. One should learn how to create debt settlement leads. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how to do just that.

So how do you exactly produce debt leads?

When you are starting a debt leads company or when you want to increase your current customer base, the most effective step for you to take is to come up with debt leads. If you have no idea how, or you’re running out of it, you can take note of the following:

1. Set up a website. If you don’t have a website, it’s time that you do so. As there are more people these days who are looking for financial assistance, they are turning their attention to one of the most convenient means: the World Wide Web. It will save them the transportation costs and increasing phone bills. You can develop a mailing list, which they can subscribe to, or you can let them sign up an application or free quote form.

2. Join trade fairs and expos. Expositions will still be around even if there are now new methods of marketing one’s business. There are still millions of people who will go in and out of trade halls, as they are trying to scout for the best companies among the exhibitors. You can participate in one. If you belong to an association, you can inquire if they are planning to have one. You can also read newspapers and read the Internet, where these kinds of events are being advertised. Keep in mind that it will cost you hundreds to even thousands, but as long as you know how to position your debt settlement company among your competitors, it will be very easy for you to generate leads and eventually convert them to be your loyal customers.

During the fair, don’t forget to prepare your registration form, where your visitors can place their full name, address, and, most of all, contact details. Make sure too that you can learn to segregate your leads based on where you got them, so you can determine which methods are working and which ones are not. Moreover, it’s easier for you to market your business if your potential clients can remember where and how they have met you, such as in a trade fair.

3. Give out questionnaires. A survey is also another method of generating debt leads. You can choose strategic places where you can place the questionnaire, or you can do it yourself by moving from one location to another. Not only will you be able to get useful information about your leads such as their contact details; but you will also have an idea of their preferences, interests, and current needs.

4. Buy debt settlement leads. There are a lot of lead-generating companies that are selling leads at very affordable prices. Just so you don’t go through a very lengthy process, you can choose to simply buy what you’re looking for. However, you have to ensure that the leads that you’re going to get are fresh. This means that the leads are not sold to any other companies except to yours.

It’s thus advisable that you can assess the company before you do business with them. Know their background, more so their experience and track record. You can read independent reviews or even ask for references from them.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tax Debt Leads and Who Uses Them

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If there is one thing that people cannot understand fully but still need to take care of, it is taxes. Taxes are inevitable and failure to pay these taxes or failure in any way to file your returns and other tax concerns can result in legal problems and penalties that nobody would want to have. Tax debt leads are leads that tax debt relief businesses can use to assist people with tax debts. Most of these leads are used by debt relief companies but there are some businesses, like tax advisers and accountants, that also use these tax debt leads to their advantage. Since tax debt leads mean that these people either need help with paying off their taxes due to a shortage in ready cash or need someone to teach them how to manage tax debt and tax payments, these leads are useful to a number of businesses.

Tax Payment and Advice Professionals

One of the entities that will do well with the use of tax debt leads are tax professionals that make a living out of helping people assess their tax dues as debts as well as instruct these people on how to pay their taxes off to avoid the attention of the IRS. These tax professionals can tell these leads how they can help and for a minimal fee. They can also be taught how to manage their taxes and their tax debts in the future by these advisers. Another service that tax professionals offer these tax debt leads that they gather from either their own site or from a leads generating entity is the use of their resident lawyers for certain tax related litigation problems. Since there are some leads that plead that they cannot in any way pay off their tax debts due to problems with income and unemployment, lawyers that are in the employ of these tax debt advisers can help these people negotiate for a lower tax amount to something that they can easily afford.

There are a number of these companies on the internet and a lot of them offer more than just advice on how taxes and back taxes should be handled. These companies also have resident tax experts who can help assess your debt problems and help keep you out of tax payment problems by teaching you how to file your taxes, how to amend certain filings and how to negotiate for a better tax payment scheme.

The companies that specialize in this field often cover all types of tax problems and tax debts and a lot of them have their own lead gathering mechanism in place to help them find the people who need their services.

Lawyers and Accountants

Tax debt leads are also useful to lawyers who are out to find clients who need help with certain tax cases that they might want to file against the IRS or the government or those who simply need help in getting some tax settlement options done for them. These leads can also be used by accountants who are looking to find clients who need more than just a quick fix to a present problem but for someone who can help them avoid these problems in the future by doing their taxes for them. Lawyers and accountants may get their leads from lead generating companies who can put up lead gathering sites that specifically target these people who need their services or they can have software that can gather such information for them installed on their own company website. Since tax debt relief and tax debt help is something a lot of people need, the integration of this service in a law firm or an accounting firm can increase the number of clients these businesses have.

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